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Why you shouldn’t depend only on EPF for your retirement?

When most people think of retirement, they think of employer benefits like Employee Provident Fund (EPF). While this is a great option, but it is not the only one. You can supplement with other investment options such as mutual funds. This blog will highlight the importance of investing in mutual funds for your retirement.

Simple Steps to Never Run Out of Money

Do you earn a handsome amount of money but have no clue where your money goes? Do you run out of money every month?
This blog is about the best ways of staying in control of your finances and never run out of money. We will discuss how to stay in control of your debt, avoid frivolous spending, and optimize your income.

Why Should You Plan for Your Child’s Education?

Saving and planning for your child’s education can be a daunting task for many parents. The level of responsibility and the amount of money that one has to save and invest requires a lot of wisdom and knowledge. This blog will look at the need to have a financial plan for your child’s education and some easy steps.

If you think that there is enough time to plan for your children’s education, think again. The best and first step you need to follow if you want your child’s dreams to become a reality is to invest in their education ASAP.